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Things like painting a house or learning a language. The books all say in a funny way that they are for dummies.

best for dummies books

Both series of books do very well at explaining complex topics in simple terms that most people can easily understand. They include helpful hints and tips, technical explanations for people who want more information, and warnings about potential problem areas. The For Dummies series includes more links to outside sources and may or may not include a CD with files and code . There are For Dummies e-versions available, but you have to buy them separately and they are distributed with DRM . The Step by Step series provides online access to an electronic edition of each book, which is included in the original purchase price.

Dummies For Dummies

Here’s a complete guide for understanding when and where it’s socially acceptable to squeeze the goop and bacteria out of that cystic red mark on your forehead in public.

VOA officials wanted a program to communicate with people learning English around the world. They wanted a way for people to get to know the language and, at the same time, learn about the United States and world events. The publishers say the best-selling Dummies books are those that provide information many people need — like information about diseases, education and cooking. People interested in opera, car repair and wine can also find Dummies books to help them. And there are even more Dummies books to come.

To think that you can get beyond the basics in physics without a modicum of mathematics is simply deluding yourself. The good news is that the book only costs £7.15. Click here to read more about “Windows 10 For Dummies” on Amazon. Truth be told, I’m usually fairly clueless myself when I first set out to learn something new. Our show was written by Dana Demange, Erin Schiavone and Nancy Steinbach. To read the text of this program and download audio, go to our Web site, voaspecialenglish.com. That was “Winter.” Joshua Radin wrote the song for a live performance in New York City about two years ago.

Sign up for True Story to receive nonfiction news, new releases, and must-read forthcoming titles. Happy 25th birthday to the perfect guides for when all you know is that you know nothing. There were only a handful of small things they I looked elsewhere for clarification. Other than that, the book was really quite complete.

Raising Smart Kids For Dummies

Fundamental to this belief is that people today largely have faith in their own ability and intelligence to be able to learn in this way. The quality of books that you read shapes your personality and character. I guess I would better quote it this way, ‘a man is known by the books he keeps’. The movies you watch and the type of books you read—tell a lot about yourself, your liking and your interests. Dan Gookin has been writing about technology for over 600 years. He has contributed articles to numerous high-tech magazines and written more than 100 books about personal computing technology, many of them accurate.

I would advise against the use of “for dummies” books, firstly because they are not of academic quality, second they are too big. I had a look at the book “R for dummies” but it would be good and thorough introduction. Also “Excel for dummies” looks like a good introduction . But for me as a bioinformatician “Bioinformatics for dummies” is really not an option and I would also not recommend it for beginners. I agree with Ivar Persson on the paragraph about wikipedia.

  • You won’t be a Phd level engineer by reading one of these no matter how well written.
  • I’ve always had a knee-jerk negative feeling toward the “For Dummies” series of books.
  • I would advise against the use of “for dummies” books, firstly because they are not of academic quality, second they are too big.
  • Reading one of the “for dummies” books is like taking a trial lesson to see if you want to learn how to play guitar.
  • Mister Zorthian gathered a small team of young people to develop a list of words to be used in the broadcasts.

They include “World History for Dummies”, “Rabbits For Dummies”, “Chinese Cooking For Dummies”, and “Wedding Planning For Dummies”. I have praised books from both series for the way they handle complex topics and I’ve downgraded them for missing the boat here and there. As a visual learner I appreciate plenty of illustrations and I like authors who understand how to explain things for beginners without being condescending or assuming that everyone already knows everything. Even though I am not a beginner I learned something new in every book I reviewed. The strong points of the For Dummies series are the cheerful, chatty tone of the writing and the more extensive space given to written information. The series has been around for a long time and the Wiley editorial staff has had an equally long time to work out the formula and the format.

It isn’t perfect , but in my opinion it’s the best book on Windows 10 out there for the average computer user. Earn money by sharing your favorite books through our Affiliate program. We do not forget that keeping product information up-to-date is our priority; therefore, we keep our websites updated at all times.

for Dummies Books Available To Booksellers On Request

Even at $0.50 or $1.00 a book, a book that sells a million copies will earn you a nice payday. Of course, that only works if you’ve signed up for a topic that has huge potential. If you suspect you’re about to write a huge seller, check the contract for per-book royalties, or get an agent involved to maximize your compensation. Wiley is also offering more “work-for-hire” contracts for Dummies books, in which they control all the content after it’s written. You’ll get paid a flat fee to write the book, again in the range of around $10,000, and after that you’ll get an even lower royalty rate with no earnout, maybe $0.50 per book, maybe nothing. These work-for-hire contracts may not pay you at all for for foreign translations or audiobooks. Just like any other book, you can turn a Dummies book into speaking engagements or consulting, but you’ll have to do the work.

best for dummies books

Although the titles in this series include the word “Dummies”, these books don’t speak down to readers or assume they are absolutely “clueless”. Folks often ask me to recommend a good book for helping them learn some new computer topic, and I almost always steer them towards the “for Dummies” series of books if there is a title available on the topic in question. Does shopping for the best dummies books online free get stressful for you? Are doubts rolling over your head and confusing you? We know how it is; we have been through the entire journey of dummies books online free research as we have put forward an entire list of the best dummies books online free available in the market these days. We have brainstormed a few questions that most of you might have in mind. These two books provide everything you need to know to learn to play guitar.

Doing Business In India For Dummies

Yes, if you’re a dummy, this book is definitely for you. But among my collection of cookbooks, from the specialized to the advanced to the esoteric and verbose, Cooking Basics for Dummies is the only one that doesn’t make me feel like I should know more than I do. And if that makes me a dummy, I’d rather be a dummy who knows how to hone my paring knife before serving a “crowd-pleasing chili” and “oh-so-trendy tiramisu” than a smartie who pretends she can. So far, it looks as if there’s room for both dummies and idiots. And no end in sight for new topics or offshoots.

I think they tend to dumb it down a bit too much, as if their target audience were children. I’m sure there’s exceptions, but I tend to look elsewhere.

best for dummies books

Those books are not only very useful, I would argue they are the best option in many cases, as they represent the best use of your time. You will find that, throughout your graduate studies, you will have to learn aspects of many different fields. In most cases, while it would be possible for you to embark on a thorough study I some other discipline, that would take weeks, if not months. These books allow you to quickly learn the basics, giving you a solid foundation of knowledge that you can expand with further study if necessary. Few thirsts run deeper these days than the one for self-improvement, and few recent books have slaked it better than the ubiquitous bumble-bee-colored titles in the “For Dummies” series.

“Thank you for buying the second edition of this book! The first edition was called ‘How to Make Sure Your Kid Isn’t As Dumb As You for Dummies’… but we had a feeling this was more marketable. It is a reference work, and not a tutorial; that means you can skip right to the bits you need without getting bogged down in material you don’t need. It is written by established experts—Sex for Dummies is by Dr. Ruth! The text is broken up into small chunks, with bold headings and marginal icons (“Tip,” “Warning,” etc.) ensuring the reader rarely encounters two uninterrupted paragraphs without handholding. There’s something distinctly democratic about the how-to guide, whose schtick is selling confidence to the amateur. You don’t need to be an expert, or spend years apprenticing under one, the genre promises.

You Can’t Learn How To Do Something By Reading A Dictionary

I think also for some topics there are quite good video instructions on youtube or similar websites. David Pogue, now a technology columnist for The New York Times, wrote the second title in the series, which also did well.

Many of the authors have written multiple books over a span of several years and are clearly at ease with the way these books work, which in turn makes things easy for the reader. The consistent size of the books also means that once the writers cover the basics there may not be much space left for more advanced topics.

b) Now that you have the correct term and a narrow focus, put it into google scholar, and read the abstracts of the top 10 cited journal articles. The oldest articles with 3000 citations are the classics, the newest ones with 500 are the review articles with ideas for further reading and useful summaries.

The problem is, most guidebooks on topics we want to learn are still written for that mentality. Dummies and Idiots guides are filled with quantified bullshit and useless definitions. Probablistic methods were an important part of electrical engineering when I studied it. Several courses in statistics/probability were part of the required curriculum. In such a case, the “for dummies” series would only be useful as something to read before starting the semester, so that the first week wouldn’t be a total surprise/shock. In one rare case, the author of Google SketchUp For Dummies is also the author of most of the other books on the same product, and the dummies book is the one that covers the lastest version of the product.

They started as guidebooks for computers — a subject that can make anyone feel stupid. Wiley owns the franchise, you’re just writing in it. There is an advance, of course, typically calibrated to match what you’d get in royalties for one year’s sales. Steve pegged the advances at $8,000 to $15,000, depending on the book’s sales estimates. And the royalty rates are quite low, starting around 10% of the net (that’s a percentage of the publisher’s take, which is about half the cover price), and topping out at 12% or 15%. That works out to about $1 per book, which you’d get paid only after the advance is earned out . For a book about a technology product, most of your graphics will be screen captures.

Each approach has its strengths and weaknesses and it all boils down to individual preferences. That’s why we sometimes recommend that you check books out of the library first, to see if they explain things in a way that makes sense to you. The Step by Step series books also follow a standard format and are divided into chapters that explain their subject from the beginning, and they have full-color screenshots and illustrations. They also assume that the book is being read by a newcomer who may or may not have basic skills, and they get right to the point with an overview of basic terms. The For Dummies series books follow a standard format. They’re divided into chapters that explain their subject from the beginning, and they’re illustrated with cartoons and black-and-white screenshots and line drawings.

Let me summarize this for you, It’s about the Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, it took place in England, and It’s the royal wedding. There now you don’t have to waste your hard earned cash on this. I checked Amazon.com and this actually exists. If you’ve ever dreamed about being able to juggle all your work responsibilities without ever dropping the ball, the book is for you. Zoom for Dummies provides a comprehensive guide to the application, including the steps for setting up meetings and advice on how to make those meetings work best.

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