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I don’t mean spam, but I do want you to share them on your social platforms and also write reviews on Amazon (or other sites at the author’s request). The purpose of a review is to help the author gain exposure and increase sales. We can’t help with that if we don’t share our posts. I read it, I loved it, but holy cow she could’ve cut the page count in half.

free book in exchange for review

Be sure to pay attention to number of pages before you over commit. But if you start with star ratings, continue them throughout all of your reviews. What kind of emotions did you experience while reading the book?

Her Amazon Purchases Are Real The Reviews Are Fake.

Learn more about becoming a social media influencer by reading this post. Those are all perfectly reasonable reasons not to review a book, and I’m fine with that. “Gain insight from Kindlepreneur on how you can optimize marketing for your books.” But as you can see, there are many ways to find excellent books online without pulling out your credit card, ranging from new and developing works of art to New York Times bestsellers. No one can guarantee that the book torrent you are using won’t have illegal books or any viruses because torrents aren’t exactly managed. However, I would stay clear of any book torrents or torrent sites. These are usually havens for illegal products and viruses.

While it is one of the more expensive sites, it offers the biggest selection of books (200,000+), and includes a healthy number of new releases. You can sign up for a 30-day free trial, and you’ll even get a reminder email once that trial is about to expire, so you can decide whether or not to cancel.

Bookcase Club

It will save me money if you tell me there are grammar/editing errors. Mention the author’s other books by using Amazon affiliate links, if the books are ones you might be interested in reading. Book reviews aren’t always all that interesting, but you can at least put a little personality into it. Think about offering a teaser as the first sentence, just to make sure they want to read more. I’m not a spreadsheet queen by any means, so please understand it’s pretty basic.

You have to be approved before you can start reviewing. What’s interesting about Any Subject Books is that it not only provides you with free review copies, but it also pays you.

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She took photos of one product, a foot spa, without adding water or plugging it in. LeBaron said that a high ranking in a search can be worth tens of thousands of dollars in monthly revenue. “That’s what makes spending money on free products worth it for these blackhat sellers,” LeBaron said. While that may be true, reviews have a huge impact on sales, which do affect search ranking, according to John LeBaron, chief revenue officer of Pattern, an e-commerce consulting firm. A study by the firm found that a 1-star increase in a product’s average rating led to a 26% jump in sales. An Amazon spokesperson said, “Customer reviews do not have a consequential impact on search ranking,” adding that availability and the frequency of sales are also factors.

Was it a page-turner… could you just not put it down? I read the Delirium Trilogy literally in 3 days, because it was such a great storyline. It’s okay to copy and paste a “blurb” about the book, but don’t make that your intro – or the meat of your post. If the book is part of a set, link to your review of the others.

  • Digital media agency Royal Social Media is looking for bloggers to be tour hosts.
  • Mention the author’s other books by using Amazon affiliate links, if the books are ones you might be interested in reading.
  • Basically, a blog tour is like a traditional book tour, where rather than going from bookstore to bookstore making stops, the author goes from blog to blog.
  • Mostly it’d be nice if people were fair all the time, and moderately honest, too (but still tell us that our cooking tastes delicious and that we always wear hats well — it’s true, right?).
  • Read ourCoffee & A Classic reviews and details to learn more.

McLaren Northern Michigan in Petoskey set up public bookcases in its waiting rooms and cafeteria this month to improve patients’ and visitors’ hospital experience. Keep up on the best new books, timely features, and special offers. Your choice sustains a family business with over 500 local booksellers, and allows us to follow our passion for getting the right books into the right hands, 365 days a year. Your choice sustains a family business, and allows us to follow our passion for getting the right books into the right hands, 365 days a year.

Consider Exchanging Books For Other Items

This shows that you are done and lets you request another book from a new author. “Directions for Readers” and “Directions for Authors”. This will only work if everyone goes in with the same expectations. NetGalley proudly works with publishers and authors, large and small, throughout the world. You are right that it is tempting to say yes to every offer you receive. Remember to balance your reading with your other life activities. To start, narrow down the genres you try to read and review.

With this platform, you have six weeks to complete the review. Your review must be honest and if you must be critical, then it must be in a constructive way. When you sign up to the site, you can request a review copy from an author. You just have to enter a couple of simple details, like your name, email address and where you intend to publish your review. Underneath that is the “Available for Request” section, where you can view review instructions and details, such as the date that the review is due.

Once you’ve read the book, you need to let the publisher know how you will review and recommend their title. In this case, the author requires you to post the review on your blog. Online, anyone can get books, both physical books, and e-books, for free to review.

free book in exchange for review

This site stands as one of the best and most trusted online sources for free ebooks, and you don’t even have to create an account. Just visit Project Gutenberg, download, and start reading. You can choose from over 56,000 free ebooks to download or read online. Several of my friends signed up and they are able to eat at home more because the instructions are easy to follow, making everything convenient. The deal also comes with grocery shopping lists, which saves them so much time. Check it out yourself by clicking here and you too may be able to save more and become healthier at the same time.

Free Ebook Trial Through Amazon Prime

You’re given unlimited reading too, and Blinkist can be listened to offline, if you’re commuting or flying. It’s very much designed for professionals looking to expand their knowledge during their limited free time. What’s more, you can rent books from Downpour without buying them, so you can pay less for a book that you intend to read once, but not keep forever. This exists outside the monthly credit system, so you’re not forced to use your precious credits on rentals. Apple Books isn’t a subscription service, and it functions as more of a traditional online store. However, that comes with advantages and disadvantages.

Blog tour companies exist as a means to help authors, especially those who are self-published, to advertise their work. Online Book Club is a well-known website aimed at readers. Unlike some of the other platforms in this section, BookLook Bloggers does have a few requirements for bloggers.

Even having a humble website opened up more doors for reviewing opportunities. Over the years, I have received over $1,000 in free groceries, books, website subscriptions, merchandise and more. Browse other questions tagged reviews or ask your own question. I’m GFMakina and I am a new author with 1 novel under his belt called Whispers From a Distant Reality. I would love for you to read it and maybe review it if you have time. Having each book in a separate thread keeps the volunteer readers and book info each separate, and lets me archive a thread when a book is all gone or it gets outdated.

The Secret Sister Gift Exchange where participants send each other wine bottles instead of books. It’s extremely unlikely that you’ll get 36 books in return. Your friends might have already done it, and there’s also the legitimate concern about divulging personal details such as your address. For a pyramid scheme to benefit everyone who enrolls in it, it would have to expand indefinitely.

It also gives priority to users who have reviewed previous titles quickly, over those who failed to review the book. When it comes to allocating books, BookBrowse gives priority to members that have not received a book in a while, over members who have recently received books. As a member of the program, you get sent an advanced reading copy of a book. You can visit the review library page to view available opportunities.

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Also, I have been offered around $200 worth of items for free from Viva Labs all because of my initial coconut oil review for them. I had no idea that one review could lead to so many more reviews, but this was all possible due to my email address being easy for companies to get to. I am so bad about this, which is actually why I stopped reviewing movies.

It’s nice to see so many brands want to collaborate with bloggers. Please make sure to visit Tiffany Reviews to get the full list of blog ambassador programs. From searching online, I found a fabulously comprehensive list of blog ambassador programs from Tiffany Reviews. It’s the best list of Ambassador Programs I’ve ever seen. If you love to share your opinion on social media, you’ll love working with word of mouth marketing companies. It’s a great way to try free full size products in exchange for spreading the word about it on social media.

Do not comment on reviews, unless you just say a simple “Thanks”. Do not request changes or dispute points in the reviews. We also reserve the right to delete any posts or threads we feel are inappropriate or problematic for the group. This feature is aimed at helping connect interested readers with Authors offering books. Be sure to read the directions carefully and understand that the YA LGBT Books group takes no responsibility for the behavior of authors or reviewers who participate. We’ll facilitate you getting together, but if there are conflicts it will be up to those involved to sort it out. We hope this will be a win/win situation with both readers and authors benefiting from this opportunity.

There’s no monthly fee, for a start, so you’re not compelled to download a new book every month to justify the cost – you just pay as you go. Apple Books is also brilliant for audiobooks, as you can download the app to your Apple Watch, and listen to books while working out, or on your commute, with absolutely no fuss. If you’re locked into the Apple tech ecosystem, it’s a great option, especially as iCloud lets you share purchased items across all your devices.

Simply Audiobooks: Only Rents Physical Cds

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BuzzFeed News sent Amazon a detailed list of questions about how it polices inauthentic reviews. A company spokesperson responded with the same statement it provided for our Oct. 14 report on Amazon sellers using Facebook chatbots to cheat its review system. Amazon has banned giving away free products in exchange for reviews, so Jessica requested anonymity out of fear that the company would suspend her account. Book exchange websites make the process of trading books easy. Most are free to use, and some even pay for the postage needed to exchange books. If you subscribe to their newsletters, you can get free and reduced books in your inbox daily, to read work from authors you already love and find new authors to enjoy too.

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