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How To Trade Books On Amazon

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Locate the device and model you are looking to trade in. Once you click on that link, you’ll be taken to a page that asks you a few questions about the condition of the book you’re selling back. Answer these truthfully — Amazon is known to be extremely picky with their trade-in program, and if they don’t get their books in the condition you list, they may be rejected. Amazon Trade-In program allows you to sell the items that you no longer want, free of charge. You can check the highest value of the product on the Amazon Trade-In page.

Both options have closing fees associated with the item you’ve sold. So, if you plan on selling more than 40 items a month, becoming a professional seller is the most cost-effective option.

It can go up as much as it goes down, so it tends to even out. Chances of finding cheaper copies on non-Amazon sites go way up when lowest Amazon price is within 30% of trade in value.

Where Should You Sell Your Used Textbooks?

It all works the same as above – you have to search for your book and they will make an offer if it is one they are willing to buyback. In our research we found that just about every item submitted had been downgraded. Because when you reach out to Amazon about an issue with a trade-in issue, they are clueless about your issue.

I tried to trade in my Kindle and it was rejected as damaged. I figured it was damaged in transit, but just got it back and there’s no damage. Now I’m confused, but the amount of the trade is not worth complaining about although I lost a few bucks on packaging. I’ll keep using it rather than upgrading as I had planned. They used to offer 25% off but they lowered it to 20% earlier in the year. Compared to this list of Kindle Trade-in values from 2019 all the prices have remained exactly the same so at least the values haven’t decreased at all over the past year.

Guidelines About The Amazon Trade

Unless you plan to use Fulfillment by Amazon, it’s the seller’s responsibility to ship the books to the customer. The most common shipping method is to charge the customer $3.99 USD for the book to arrive within 7-10 business days. Then, click “Save” to confirm all of the details you’ve provided about the book and finalize the listing. Alternately, if your book is in very good condition and you’d like to get a little more money for it, raise the price by a few dollars.

The spine should show no creasing and the pages must be completely clean and intact. An Individual Seller account has no monthly fee but charges $0.99 as a per sale closing fee. A Professional Seller account has a $39.99 monthly subscription fee but no per sale closing fee.

Swappa, by contrast, attempts to match buyers and sellers. In doing so, you’ll likely get more for your device than you would through another outlet. Under this scenario, however, you don’t receive a quote. Instead, you must list your item on the Swappa website.

After answering the questions about the condition of your item, you will receive a quoted trade-in value as well as free shipping for your trade-in submission. I read a few articles about amazon affiliate program & I’m amazed at the level of income possible.I definitely want to make money selling things online. If you choose to accept that price, you will put that item in your trade-in cart. You can then enter the names of other items you wish to sell. The biggest benefit of the textbook trade-in program is it’s quick and easy.

Confirm the item is underpriced by reviewing the item’s price history in Keepa. Which means it is a strong indicator that book can be purchased at its cheap price, and immediately resold at its “true market price.” And of course, you get to profit the difference. Yes, it won’t always work out exactly like this , but I think this math leans towards conservative. It’s very easy to find well-ranked books with 50% returns when we’re willing to spend $20+ per book.

The biggest opportunities are with books in the $100+ range. It’s infinitely easier to find a book with $125 trade in value you can find on another site for $110 than a book with $30 trade in value you can find elsewhere for $15. Two, focus on any book for which the sales price is close to the trade in price. Prices on other sites tend to stay within range of the prices on Amazon. That doesn’t mean they match to the penny, it means they stay “close.” . Part of this is just general “efficient market” phenomenon, part of it is repricing software that sets prices on 3rd party sites to match Amazon’s.

Once you’re done with that you can publish your book to become live on Amazon. Since I was doing this as a business, I was very aware of the market prices, and Amazon could not be beat. Craigslist is the closest second best, but there are many drawbacks to craigslist, among it being very hit or miss as mentioned. ZenTrade embeds trade in value (+ more) & cash buyback site offers on the Amazon page. And that’s how you turn Amazon credit into more cash, and on and on until you end up as Scrooge McDuck in a top hat sitting on a giant pile of gold coins.

What Will Amazon Buy?

Amazon tends to pay average — but not amazing — prices for trade-in items. It’s always worth shopping around to see who will give you the best price, but Amazon’s simple process gives it the advantage. For one, the company accepts a wider range of items than others, and your payment can show up instantly as a credit in your Amazon account.

how to trade books on amazon

Used bookstores are generally a little more expensive but can save rummaging time as titles are often arranged by category. If you don’t have a collection of your own, there are plenty of places to find used books. It helps to have an idea of the types of books you’re looking for. The most popular books will have stiff competition, with numerous new and used copies available for purchase. Prices tend to drop extremely low, meaning you need a real point of difference if you’re going to make a sale – let alone turn a profit. Package multiple items together – It appears you can package multiple items together in the same box. Although we haven’t tried that, that could save a ton of time and even cost of materials.

Students: Recoup Money From Selling Your Old Textbooks

Amazon provides you with shipping information which you print and attach to the package. Read this post to learn more about the Amazon Trade-In program.

how to trade books on amazon

Take pictures of your item from all angles and if it is electronic with it turned on and off. If you want to get the most money you can you may want to try Ebay or Craigslist first as you may get more there.

What Are The Eligible Items Under The Amazon Trade

I myself have had some bad experiences doing DVD arbitrage. Many were rejected, and after a few telephone calls determining their return status, determined that they were lost. I was provided with promotional credits by the customer service rep but I would not recommend this type of arbitrage to anyone, personally. Anytime you find a book for sale that is cheaper than the trade in value, you have to scrutinize closely to insure it is not an international edition. So let’s hypothetically say you’re skimming through the Amazon trade in store and see 19 books with $100 trade in value each selling for $200.

  • You can choose to send the item directly to the customer or use Fulfillment by Amazon .
  • There are now four steps you must complete to setup your seller account.
  • When you’re pricing your items, you’ll want to keep that fee in mind.
  • Along with the new condition policy, Amazon lets you choose whether to take a lower value if the inspector downgrades it to a lower quality, or you can have them send it back to you.
  • Use BookScouter to try to determine which of these sites will offer you the most money back.

Across the entire Amazon trade in store, this is likely to be much higher. Consider also that these opportunities come and go extremely fast.

How To Maximize Your Amazon Textbook Buyback Results

I like to try things out myself to make sure there are no kinks before I spread the word about legitimate ways to earn a little extra money. Our family has used the Amazon Trade In Program many times over the past several years and love the little extra boost of money. If you are solely focused on getting the most money you can for an item, then we would not recommend it. If you are in the vicinity of an Amazon pop-up store, you can take your items directly there for an offer instead of mailing your item in. Educational books give the highest offers so if you have some educational books it may very well be worth it to check how much you can get if you are no longer using them. Although the digital and electronics are more commonplace it seems on the Amazon Trade-In platform – they do also buy back books as well.

Amazon will not confirm the trade-in value for your item until they receive your trade-in. If there are any changes in the trade-in value , Amazon may choose to contact you for further instructions or can cancel trade-in and notify you about it. Once Amazon agrees with the description you provided, you will receive the amount credited to your account in the form of gift vouchers. Upon receiving, Amazon examines your product to make sure its condition matches the description you provided. Usually, products in excellent condition will receive more money in the form of gift cards, whereas items in poor condition have chances to trade at a low value. You ideally want to sit in the middle – with books in great condition, in a good price range, selling at a decent rate. Amazon’s price for the same titles will give you a good indication of what people are willing to spend on a book.

How Much The Textbook Buyback Program Pays

Condition requirements vary by item, but you’ll always make more cash for working products in like-new condition. Amazon doesn’t want items that won’t turn on or have cracked screens. You may find that badly damaged items aren’t worth anything at all. Amazon accepts a wider range of items than other companies, and your payment can show up instantly as a credit. While it doesn’t always pay the highest rates, Amazon is also a solid option for selling your unwanted electronics, including Amazon devices, video games, cellphones, and more. Read on for everything you need to know about the Amazon Trade-In program. Major retailers like Apple, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart will all accept your old electronics for cash or gift cards.

OK, so you’ve dusted off your item, examined it and then dutifully reported its condition to Amazon before sending it off. In addition, although delayed payment can be applied as soon as Amazon receives your item, be aware that they reserve the right to delay payment for up to 25 days from receipt. If your item is rejected by Amazon or, you cancel the trade at some point in the process, you may end up being charged the full amount of the instant payment. Amazon Trade-In insists that all gadgets and tech items are unlocked and de-registered from devices such as cloud services before being packed and shipped. Also available in the Amazon Buy Back for text-books which works in the same way as the Trade-In and, despite the name, doesn’t only apply to books bought from Amazon. In the UK alone, it’s estimated that 40 million items of tech are lurking in cupboards and drawers, never to be switched on again. As I said earlier, I’ve used my book-selling money on bookends, magazine boxes for my comics, and other organizational tools for my shelves.

With copies so rapidly getting listed, sold, and repriced, there creates incredible price volatility . This means risk-free Amazon spending money – without even leaving Amazon.

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