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I registered more than two years ago as a newbie and gained experience for half a year on an unlimited demo account. I now have a professional trading account and there are many currency pairs and other positions, the leverage is good, and the execution speed is lightning-fast. And the main thing is that you can quickly withdraw a profit easily. Members of Traders Union are entitled to rebates when trading with FreshForex when the account is opened via the Traders Union website. This broker, however, limits access to its Affiliate Program to accounts opened through the Traders Union and it is offered only to its existing customers. There is a workaround solution to this by opening an additional account direct with the brokerage with different credentials.


These have become extremely popular in the last decade or so and with good reason. The money needed to invest in such accounts are usually larger as you must consider the fee for the finance professional. However, there are certain brokers that offer variations of managed accounts where you can pay as little as $200.

Fresh Forex Reviews And User Ratings

The calendar can be personalised to show only the trader’s time zone, favourite countries and dates of events. I am doing Forex trading with this broker with deposit $ 800.

  • I don’t work with FreshForex as a trader, I’m learning to trade at the moment.
  • This is a very sophisticated piece of software and please only try this after much research.
  • Weekly withdraw my profit and withdrawal to web money takes no more than 10 minutes.

Russia, as one of the biggest and more influential world’s countries, does not lag behind great Western powers in the Forex business. One of the Russian broker companies that certainly stands out is the FreshForex broker. However, when you look beyond that, you see the true FreshForex fraud. It is a broker that only out to line its owners’ pockets and empty yours. For your sanity and the safety of your money, we advise you steer clear of FreshForex. Regulation is an important criterion for any broker you’re considering.

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Here withdrawal is honest and they never hinder me in a trading but only help. I tried a demo account first, checked my adviser and got good results. Then I opened a market pro account with floating spreads, deposit operation was fast. In a week I tried to withdraw profit, withdrawal was very quickly too, 3 min 17 sec. I prefer scalping and a short-term trading in general.

Therefore, you can already imagine what help limit orders can be in your trading career. Never trade on a market that is not sufficiently regulated. This should go without saying when submitting your bank card information or investing money on any website. You need to make sure with certainty that your money is in safe hands. Checking to see if XM and FreshForex are highly regulated is not a hard task. A managed account is an investment that is owned by a single investor. However, the money-making decisions are in somebody else’s hands.

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This is an innovative idea of trading through ‘Telegram’ app on smart phones. All you need to do is to login to Telegram, search for FreshForexeasybot on a live account or demo account. The bot will provide information needed for trading. It should be noted that there are no guarantees to the quality of signals provided using this service. This is a Shop operated by FreshForex where clients can get EAs, indicators and scripts. The broker states that these softwares are created by top developers. This analysis is updated daily on the broker website.

I recommend to make a small deposit as you can follow the trading forecasts from their website and make some good profits. The analysis they made was simple to follow along with good risk reward ratio.

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They have good spreads and these spreads can play an important role in calculating costs, the expense of return in installments, and calculating income. With all this being said, there are no additional costs which, compared to other similar brokers, it turns out to be quite profitable to work here. The broker has been in the forex market for a long time and has proven its reliability. If you have to contact support, they will help you immediately. Orders are executed instantly, and profits are withdrawn in a blink of an eye. I’ve been trading real money at FreshForex for the third year already. But, as for me, the most important thing is that transactions are not blocked, the profit is recognized and a conclusion is made, so I am completely satisfied with the broker.

No issues with withdrawal, it’s fast, it only takes a few minutes to get my money from FreshForex account to my Fasapay account. Been using their 101% deposit bonus as well, every time I make deposit. I’ve used FreshForex for a week now with the bonus thing and i really knew that it was a scam or it wasn’t legit to play with that company.

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All the services on the website are free for you to use. Our team spends thousands of hours per annum researching brokers and gathering information about them to help investors all over the world to choose reliable companies and to avoid fraudsters.


It also innovates new features and products to improve its service. A very reliable broker who has been in the business for many years. Reviews are about each trader’s personal experience. People who had a bad experience might think your review is kinda fake.

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There are many potential drawbacks with some brokers. The first one being the potential limitations XM and FreshForex have. Generally speaking, the more things, you can invest in the better. The second thing is the fees and commissions you are paying with XM vs FreshForex. The higher the fees you pay will have more of an impact on any potential profits. Another important factor are the trading research tools, educational resources and the general usability of XM vs FreshForex. FreshForex is listed as a publically traded company on a major stock market.

This is Freshforex way of scamming people and ripping off their money without raising too much suspicion and attracting too much unnecessary attention with their company receiving bad comments. The broker provides a range of trading resources which includes a forex encyclopaedia and forex trading courses. The demo account and the ProCent accounts can be useful to those who are new to online trading and need practice before trading with real money. Multiple payment options are also provided to accommodate the flexible needs of clients. As an online forex trading service provider, FreshForex is strictly regulated by CRFIN .

And all I can say is that FreshForex is an fake company, never use it. This may not be a big amount to some people but I’m here to warn you people to not make the same mistakes which may lead to more loss than what I was able to experience. I started trading with upon stumbling on a link that was shared by Facebook user Chan Trader on the Forex Trading Club facebook group. The link which was posted promised a $15 rebate and 101% deposit bonus. Little did I know that my deposit then would not be able to be withdrawn again and that the deposit bonus would only count as trading credits which would not give you any profits at all. The link directed me to fresh forex website to which I opened a real account with a deposit of $100( I deposited another $200 on my second). But is has been two weeks and I haven’t seen any two digit profit on my trading platform and I was only been able to receive more emails asking me to make more deposits.

Theoretically you can raise more, but I do not have the skill to monitor more pairs. To submit your own Forex Broker review please fill in the form below. Your review will be checked by a moderator and published on this page. I still remember the day that I join instaforex when have been scam by previous broker due to frequent slippage on chart make me loss 2000 USD in a month. This is an ordinary broker.Just like many others.I am concerned about what was shared here about this broker. I’ve been trading with Fresh Forex for a good number of months now and so far I find all their services highly satisfactory.

Their customer support is reliable and takes only around 24 hours to process inquiries and refunds. Trade executions have been flawless and their servers are 100% stable. I was recently scammed by FreshForex, I’d invested $5,500 USD over a matter of months and lost all of it within in an day.

Check out now the currently available bonus system at FreshForex broker and do not forget to claim for each of the bonuses. It has been 7 months since I trade on their real account. No more delay and requotes since they always update their trading servers to perform better towards my trades.

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