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24.4 By accepting this agreement the Client acknowledges and accepts that he/she has read, understood and accepted the “Conflict of Interest Policy” which was provided to him/her during the registration process and which is uploaded on the Company’s website. 24.1 Under Applicable Regulations the Company is required to have arrangements in place to manage conflicts of interest between the Company and its Clients and between Company’s different Clients. The Company operates in accordance with a conflicts of interest policy it has put in place for this purpose under which the Company has identified those situations in which there may be a conflict of interest. The Company will make all reasonable efforts to avoid conflicts of interest and when they cannot be avoided the Company shall ensure that Clients are treated fairly and at the highest level of integrity and that their interests are protected at all times. 22.3 By entering into this agreement the Client acknowledges that he/she has read, understood and accepted the “Investor Compensation Fund” document which was provided to him/her during the registration process and which is uploaded on the Company’s website. 22.1 The Company is a member of the Investor Compensation Fund for clients of Cypriot Investment Firms and other Investment Firms which are not credit institutions. For more information regarding the ICF please refer to the “Investor Compensation Fund” document which is available on the Company’s website.

8.6 In the absence of any other agreement between the Company and the Client, the Company will act on any instruction which it reasonably believes to have been given, or purporting to have been given by the Client or any person authorised on Client’s behalf, without enquiring as to the genuineness, authority or identity of the person giving or purporting to give such instructions. 8.1 The Clients understands and acknowledges that all orders executed between the Client and the Company are orders executed outside a regulated market or MTF. and absolute discretion, with or without notice to its copiers; to close any such account, portfolio and/or strategy, at its sole and absolute discretion, with or without notice to its copiers. 7.5 The Company may make available to the Client the ability to enter into Transactions through Company’s Electronic Systems. Any Content that the Company includes on Company’s Electronic Systems in respect of a Transaction does not constitute an offer to the Client that the Company will enter into a Transaction on the terms set out.

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12.2 A statement of Account will be provided by the Company to the Client on a monthly basis, within five business days from the end of the previous month. In case no transactions were concluded in the past month, then no statement of Account will be provided. Moreover, it is absolutely prohibited to use any software in such a way which can cause serious negative impact on the performance of our servers and may prevent us from achieving the best possible result for our clients as regards the execution of their orders.

provided at Client’s initiative, the Company is not required to obtain information from the Client regarding his/her knowledge and experience, his/her financial situation or his/her investment objectives so as to enable the Company to make an assessment as to the appropriateness of the Financial Instrument or Service provided or offered. Please note, therefore, that the Client will not benefit from the protection of the relevant rules requiring the Company to assess the appropriateness of the product, Service or Transaction for the Client. 5.3 We shall assume that information about your knowledge and experience is accurate and shall bear no responsibility if such information is inaccurate or changes without informing us and as a result we will not be able to follow our regulatory requirements of appropriateness. If you fail to provide sufficient information in this regard, we will not be able to assess whether you have the necessary knowledge and experience to understand the risks involved. If you still wish us to proceed on your behalf, we may do so, but we shall not be able to determine whether trading in CFDs is appropriate for you. Consequently, we strongly advise you to provide us with accurate information which we believe to be necessary for the purpose of enabling us to assess the appropriateness of our products for you. a) Granting credits or loans to an investor to allow him to carry out a transaction in one or more financial instruments, where the firm granting the credit or loan is involved in the transaction.

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The Company may amend that Content at any time in Company’s sole discretion, including, without limitation, after the Client has submitted to the Company a firm indication of interest or other instruction indicating that he/she wishes to proceed with a Transaction. meaning of any of the above disclosures or warnings, he/she is strongly recommended to seek independent legal or financial advice. 6.11 The Client unreservedly acknowledge and accept that he/she runs a great risk of incurring losses and damages as a result of the purchase and/or sale of any Financial Instrument and he/she accepts and declares that he/she is willing to undertake this risk. When a Financial Instrument is traded in a currency other than the currency of the Client’s country of residence, any changes in the exchange rates may have a negative effect on its value, price and performance.

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The Company shall notify you about any expired documents through different means of communication. If you do not provide valid and updated information within fifteen calendar days after the documents have expired, the account will be set to Close Only Mode . 20.6 The Introducing Broker shall not provide any investment advice to the introduced clients. 19.2 The Company may pay fee/commission to Introducing Brokers, referring agents, or other third parties based on a written agreement. This fee/commission is related to the frequency/volume of transactions performed by the referred Client through the Company. The Company has the obligation and undertakes to disclose to the Client, upon his request, further details regarding the amount of fees/commission or any other remuneration paid by the Company to Introducing Brokers, referring agents, or other third parties.

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You have professional experience working in the financial sector for at least one year in a position which requires knowledge of the transactions or services envisaged. 35.2 The Company ensures that the design of the financial instrument, including its features, does not adversely affect its Clients or does not lead to problems with market integrity by enabling the Company to mitigate of its own risks or its exposure to the underlying assets of the product, where the Company already holds the underlying assets on own account. 29.2 This Agreement set out the basis on which the Company agrees to provide Investment Services and Financial Instruments. Depending on the service and Financial Instrument, the Company will be subject to, among other things, as relevant, the Regulations, the protection of Personal Data Law and other codes of conduct and/or circulars applicable to the provision of relevant services issued by CySEC. We are registered with the Office of the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection of the Republic of Cyprus for the purposes of personal data processing.

8.32 Trading operations using additional functions/plug-ins made available through the Electronic Trading Platform such as “Trailing Stop” or “Expert Adviser” are executed completely and exclusively under the Client’s responsibility and at his/her own risk, as they depend directly upon the Client, and the Company bears no responsibility whatsoever. The Company reserves the right to accept or reject at its own discretion the use of additional functions/plug-ins of the Electronic Trading Platform and in case these additional functions/plug-ins affect the reliability and/or smooth operation and/or orderly of the Company’s Trading Platform to immediately terminate by way of written notice the relationship with the Client. 8.27 The level of Swap rates may vary in size and change depending on the market conditions and at Company’s discretion. 8.26 The Company has the right at its absolute discretion to increase or decrease the spreads of any Financial Instrument depending on the current market conditions and the characteristics of Client’s order.

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15.4 Any funds received in a currency for which the Client does not hold an account shall be converted by the Company into the Client’s base currency. The conversion shall be made at the exchange rate applied on the day and at the time when the relevant funds are at the disposal of the Company. 13.2 The client orders can be executed as market orders or instant orders which always depend on the account type of each client. For further information regarding the execution of the orders correlated with the account types can be found in the Company’s website.

30.1 Where we are required under Applicable Law to report your transactions to the CySEC or any other Competent Authority, you need to provide us with your Legal Entity Identifier or your national identity card number or such other information as we may require to determine your national client identifier, before you can place Orders via our Online Trading Facility. 29.19 The Client accepts and concerns that the Company may, from time to time, engage companies for statistical purposes in order to improve Company’s promotional and marketing strategies. As a result, some or all of the Client’s personal data may be disclosed on an anonymous and aggregated basis only. 27.4 You are required to provide the Company with full and updated Due Diligence Documents at all times.

The Company has the obligation and undertakes to disclose to the Client, upon his request, further details regarding the amount of fees/commission or any other remuneration received by the Company from third parties. 18.12 In the case of financing fees, the value of opened positions in some types of Financial Instruments is increased or reduced by a daily financing fee “swap” throughout the life of the contract. Financing fees are based on prevailing market interest rates, which may vary over time. 18.6 The Company will charge the Client interest on any amounts due from the Client to the Company which are not paid when due, at such rate as is reasonably determined by the Company as representing the cost of funding such overdue amount. Furthermore, in case the Client fails to make the required deposit within the given deadline the Company may also proceed with the sale of Financial Instruments from Client’s trading account without further notice to the Client unless otherwise agreed upon by the Company and the Client.

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In the event that we identify any such activity, we reserve the right to take all action as we see fit, including without limitation, completely blocking access to our Online Trading Facility, blocking and/or revoking your Access Codes and/or immediately terminating your Account. Moreover, you acknowledge that once your Account has been terminated we may liquidate any outstanding contracts/positions you have with us. Nonetheless, in cases where you may successfully open an Account and trade with our Company due to any technical and/or human error, we reserve every right to immediately close your Account upon identification, nullify any profit/loss generated and refund the original amount of deposit excluding any deposit and withdrawal charges.

  • The Company’s trading hours may be different from the hours that a specific Financial Instrument is tradable in any other market.
  • Nonetheless, in cases where you may successfully open an Account and trade with our Company due to any technical and/or human error, we reserve every right to immediately close your Account upon identification, nullify any profit/loss generated and refund the original amount of deposit excluding any deposit and withdrawal charges.
  • Investment decisions may not be profitable and may result in the loss of your entire invested amount.
  • Any objection which the Client may have regarding his/her executed transaction shall be valid only if it is received by the Company in writing within two Business Days from the said Transaction.
  • The financial information we post on our Online Trading Facility may be provided by third parties for the benefit or our clients and as such you undertake not to enable deep-linking or any other form of redistribution or reuse of the information, to any non-authorized users.
  • We and our affiliates/partners and their employees and agents are not investment or financial advisers.

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Any opinions made may be personal to the author and may not reflect the opinions of the Company. A statement of Account or certification or confirmation issued by the Company in relation to any transaction or other matter shall be final and binding on the Client, unless the Client file in writing his objection within two business days from the receipt of the said statement of Account or certification or confirmation. However, the statement of client assets shall not be provided where the Company provides its clients with access to an online system , where up-to-date statements of client’s financial instruments or funds can be easily accessed by the client and the firm has evidence that the client has accessed this statement at least once during the relevant quarter. 8.30 We offer our clients the possibility to request re-categorization and thus to increase or decrease the level of regulatory protections afforded. Where a client requests a different categorization, the client needs to meet certain specified quantitative and qualitative criteria.

33.7 Upon termination of this agreement, the Company shall immediately hand over to the Client the Client’s assets in its possession, provided that the Company shall be entitled to keep such Client’s assets as necessary to pay any pending obligations of the Client. received the Company will re-activate the account and the Client can continue performing his/her trading activities. 29.14 The Company will treat the information that holds about the Client in strict confidentiality and will not use it outside the scope for the provision of Services described in this agreement.

The Company shall notify the Client of any changes in this Agreement either in writing or by email or through the Company’s website. Should the Client disagree with the changes made by the Company, the Client may terminate the Agreement in accordance with paragraph 32 hereof. The Company reasonably suspects that the Client performed abusive trading such as, but not limited to, Snipping, Scalping, Pip-hunting, hedging, placing “buy stop” or “sell stop” orders, prior and during to the release of financial news announcements, volatile market, arbitrage, manipulations or a combination of faster/slower feeds.

It is your responsibility that at all times you monitor your account, margin level and profit/loss, and act as needed to protect your equity. II. You should understand the above, and maintain your account balance accordingly, knowing that our prices can be different from prices observed elsewhere. The Client must not purchase a derivative financial instrument unless he is willing to undertake the risks of loosing entirely all the money which he has invested and also any additional commissions and other expenses incurred. v. A derivative financial instrument (i.e. option, future, forward, swap, contract for difference) may be a non delivery spot transaction giving an opportunity to make profit or loss on changes in currency rates, commodity or indices. 4.5 The Company shall act as principal and the sole execution venue (non-regulated market) for any Orders placed with the Company by the Client for any Financial Instrument offered by the Company as described in section 4.2 above.

The Client will have no right or interest in those intellectual property rights other than the right to access Company’s Electronic Systems and to use the Services provided via the Company’s Electronic Systems. The Company reserves the right to effect any such changes and/or any substitution of all or any part of its Electronic Systems at any time, and in any manner, as it might deem fit in its exclusive discretion, and without notice to the Client.

specified on the Company’s website and the time needed for crediting into the Client’s personal account will depend on the Client’s Bank Account provider. The Balance shall be reduced by the transferring amount on the day the transfer request is received. The Company may either decline a withdrawal request if the request is not in accordance with the provisions of this section of the Agreement, or delay the processing of the transfer request if the Company is not satisfied on the documentation made available by and for the Client and until such time as the Company shall be so satisfied.

3.6 This Agreement governs all investment and/or ancillary services provided by the Company. 3.4 This Agreement is provided to assist the Client in making an informed decision about the Company, its services and the risks of the provided Financial Instruments. 1.7 By accepting this agreement the Client enters into a binding legal agreement with the Company. The Agreement shall commence once the prospective Client receives an email that contains the trading account number and certain documents; namely Order Execution Policy, Client Categorisation, Conflict of interest policy, investor Compensation fund, and Risk Disclosure Policy. If you do have objections to any of these terms and conditions, or any part thereof, and/or if you do not agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, or any part thereof, do not access and/or use our online trading facility in any way and inform us in writing immediately.

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You can revisit your suitability questionnaire at any time and evaluate whether there has been a change to your experience, trading objectives and/or financial situation. 7.17.3 Prior to your engagement in any copy trading activity, you agree to use the portfolio management service of TopFX as this is described in this agreement. We will assess what trading strategies are suitable for you and under what conditions and establish your investment profile on that basis. 7.1 The Company shall provide the Client with the facility to enter into Transactions or carry on dealings with the Company via an internet website or through some other electronic medium (Company’s Electronic Systems). Any such dealings will be done on the basis set out in this paragraph and on the basis of any additional agreement which the Company may enter into with the Client to regulate such activity. 6.14.1 Automated trading execution whereby trades are opened and closed in your account without your manual intervention.

27.3 You are obliged to provide documents, according to the clauses 1.7, 15.3 and 27.2 herein, valid and up to date and to keep them as such during the whole period of this Terms of Business. In the event that any of the documents indicated above have expired and/or are required to be updated, you are obliged to provide relevant documents upon their expiration. If you fail to provide updated and valid documents the Company has the right to suspend and/or terminate the provisions of Services under this Terms of Business.

The Company can only cancel Client’s instructions if the Company has not already acted upon them. The Company reserves the right at its discretion and without notice to the Client, to refuse to accept instructions from any authorized person and to consider the appointment of any such authorized person as terminated.

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