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It became widely known for its disappointing lack of power and performance, which did not match the expectations created by its looks and price tag. Though its production was short-lived, the car was made memorable through its appearances as the time machine in the Back to the Future media franchise after 1985. The Cox Auction was scheduled for Saturday, 10 May (coincidentally also National Train Day and the weekend of the air show and open house at the giant Joint Base Maguire-Dix-Lakehurst where 300,000 attended). The auction was managed by Bonhams – one of the world’s largest auctioneers of fine art and antiques and appraisers, established in 1793 and specializing in motorcars. An 8.5″ x 10.5″ color auction catalog of 112 glossy pages was produced and each of the estimated 300 potential bidders were required to purchase one @ $35 for admission. A photo which spanned the front and back covers of the catalog showed what Cox’s Frontier Village History Museum looked like when it was set up in the hangar. A portable stage was set up for the auctioneers; three staff handled internet bidders; three more for phone bidders, plus registrars, cashiers, and laborers for a total of over 15 staff.

In addition, some places charge fees for photography in order for your item to appear in the auction catalog. Plus, you’ll need to figure out how to transport larger items to the auction house. All these charges should be taken into consideration when deciding if an auction is the right move. Moore suggests that consumers check with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation about the license status of an auction house they are interested in. He also said consumers should check with the county’s tax collector’s office to make sure the business has a valid tax receipt.

New Delorean Production

Antiques and The Arts Weekly is the nation’s leading weekly publication on the antiques and the arts trade, and is available both in print and online. Box lots of Store Returns from multiple major retailers, Wholesale Goods, electronics, Toys, Tools and much more! The Hood’s are well known having been south Florida residents for 35 years.

23 May – 1 June 1886 at the Walker Opera House, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory. Described in a series of newspaper reports and advertisements in the Daily Tribune and The Herald starting 23 May 1886. From the newspaper reports, two paintings were given away by drawing each evening. 14 December 1885 and 15 December 1885, at Irving Hall, 139 Post Street, San Francisco, three all-Schafer sales in two days.

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An estimated 6,500 DeLoreans are still on the road. The 322 cubic-inch Nailhead V8 transmits power to the Dynaflow automatic transmission.

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It is clear from the record that on June 20, 2007, Mr. Lamoureux, with knowledge of the branded title, purchased the used Corvette with 4,280 miles for the price of $36,780. On November 29, 2008, Mr. Brown, without knowledge of the branded title, purchased the same used Corvette with 17,860 miles for the price of $35,135. Mr. Brown has only brought a self-serving allegation that he would have paid less for the used vehicle had he known the title was branded. Mr. Brown has failed to satisfy his burden of proof to trigger the third paragraph of article 2520. Thus, Mr. Brown’s third assignment of error lacks merit. Therefore, the second paragraph of article 2520 does not apply.

Palm Springs Art Museum

A notice in the 26 October 1887 Alameda Encinal reports that there is a catalog that lists about 75 paintings. unidentified seller 11 and 12 March 1887, by an unidentified seller, at Turn Verein Hall, third street, San Jose, California. From a press release in the 9 March The Evening News. This notice is based on the same press release that was used to announce sales in Los Angeles and Sacramento. 28 February and 1 March 1881, at 111 Sutter Street . From the advertisement in the Daily Alta California. Matlock & Reed, Auctioneers, 204 South Spring Street, Los Angeles, California.

  • 23 May – 1 June 1886 at the Walker Opera House, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory.
  • She splits the proceeds of her sales 50/50 with her sellers, as do most consignors.
  • From an advertisement on that date in the Sacramento Daily Record-Union.
  • 21 November 1885, at Irving Hall, 139 Post Street, San Francisco.

11 June 1889, at Pioneer Hall, fourth and Stevenson Sts, San Francisco. From the advertisement in the Daily Alta California of that date, repeated on 12 and 13 June 1889. The auction seems to have continued the following week because the same advertisement appeared on 17 June 1889, in the San Francisco Chronicle. In both advertisements the auctioncompany is identified as “Mosgrove, Troy, & Co.””.

Bill Hood Auction House

While improving radio reception, this resulted in a hole in the stainless steel, and an unsightly antenna. The final antenna was an automatic retractable version installed under the rear induction grill behind the rear driver’s-side window. In 1981, the DeLorean came with a Craig AM/FM stereo radio with cassette. Since the Craig radio did not have a built-in clock, one was installed in front of the gear shift on the console. The Craig radio was replaced with an ASI radio in the middle of the 1982 production run. Since the ASI radio featured an on-board clock, the clock on the console was removed at the same time.

General sale of inventory including 95 paintings by many artists. From the advertisement in the 13 October 1881 San Francisco Chronicle. 26 June 1888, at the California Art Gallery, 316 Kearny St., San Francisco, by “F. T. Keelor”. From the advertisement in the 24 June Daily Alta California, repeated June 25 and 26. 24-31 December 1891, 119 Main Street, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory. Described in a series of eleven reports and advertisements in the Daily Tribune and The Herald starting 6 December 1891.

Chinese Marble Screens At Auction In Florida

Mr. Lamoureux never experienced any material defects with the Corvette. Brian Brown subsequently purchased the Corvette on November 29, 2008, with an odometer reading of 17,860 miles. Mr. Lamoureux participated in the sale by selling to Mr. Brown an extended warranty on the car.

However, there was some perceived loss of value, as the new car was smaller, but carried the same price tag. As a result, some Skylarks sat on showroom floors until they were sold at a discount. The Buick Skylark was cancelled after the 1954 model year, and would not return to the Buick lineup until mid-year 1961. Enjoy a knee-slapping evening featuring hilarious Los Angeles-based comedians, live auction, art auction inspired by patient stories, tasty cocktails and food catered by local restaurants.

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She did not disclose how much she got, but said it was “less than I’d hoped for.” “People are looking to liquidate and get more for their stuff,” said Carolyn Hood, president of Bill Hood & Sons. And for some, that means seeking bids on the auction block. When Vera Stenger’s uncle passed away in May, she found herself in possession of a small collection of ivory figurines and the need to sell them for cash. Have you noticed an objectionable issue with this sale? Address The address for this sale in Delray Beach, FL will no longer be shown since it has already ended. We have been providing breaking news and important information on the world of antiques and the arts since Publisher R. Scudder Smith started Antiques and The Arts Weekly back in 1963.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause, please be patient as we transition to Hood Co Appraisal District for future payments. Thank you for your understanding and if you go up to HCAD please be patient as they process your County tax as they are recovering the system, if you have your statement please take it with you to HCAD. A saxophone identified as belonging to Charlie Parker is being offered as lot 1185 ($30,000-35,000).

In 1968, he had a brilliant idea that would launch his fortune and collection. Bob took a trampoline, put a cover over it and called it “The Moon Walk”.

Well-known jazz musician Bill Hood befriended and jammed with Parker amongst other music greats such as Dizzy Gillespie, Sarah Vaughan and Marty Paich. Hood’s daughter, Jenifer, was bestowed with the saxophone after his death. Her interest in uncovering the truth of the connection of Parker to the saxophone lead her to uncover the interesting series of events surrounding the jazz great’s instrument. Charlie Parker is a name synonymous with jazz royalty. Parker was a jazz saxophonist credited with helping to create and develop a music style known as bebop.


Bonhams & Butterfields (formerly Butterfield, Butterfield & Dunning, and previous to that Butterfield & Butterfield, Auctioneers). Unless otherwise stated, sale held at 220 San Bruno Avenue, San Francisco, California 94103. July 1887 , multi-artist sale briefly noted in the Wednesday 20 July 1887 Oakland Tribune.

George C. Ludington, 22 Montgomery Street, San Francisco. Although the address is the same as Easton and Eldridge, Auctioneers, the advertisement makes no mention of their name, suggesting that as of this date, Ludington is now working independently. 2 November 1883, at 813 Market Street, San Francisco. From the advertisement in the 2 November 1883 San Francisco Chronicle. 21 November 1885, at Irving Hall, 139 Post Street, San Francisco.

The County Tax Assessor-Collector is designated by statute as the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles agent for the collection of motor vehicle sales taxes, registrations and other related fees. Under the registration statutes, every owner of a motor vehicle is required to register it with the Tax Assessor-Collector in the county in which the owner resides. Michaan’s has built its reputation on its ability to accept single items, groups or entire estates with its “no risk consignment policy” free of hidden fees and charges. Michaan’s specialists are dedicated to staying current on the latest issues and developments in the market and are committed to providing personalized and professional attention throughout the entire auction process. Some of these Bay Area estate auction pieces sold for world record prices.

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