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The increasing number of tokenized assets available will also expand the opportunities for individuals to engage in marketplaces, exchanges, trading, and investing. These components will be responsible for the stable operation of your white label Bitcoin exchange — or any other type of crypto exchange, actually. Focus on what’s important to you and your business — let our products take care of the smooth technical running. Our turnkey cryptocurrency exchange solution will provide you with a stable functioning platform within four weeks at most. In the case of the most basic requirements, this time can be reduced to two weeks. Security is the most important concept in crypto trading and our exchange was designed with sophisticated safety measures as almost all tokens and coins are held in cold storage.

  • Convert an upset trader who was unable to make any profit by active trading into a happy investor.
  • Users can add cryptos or fiat money in the e-wallets and also can withdraw from the wallet balance to a third-party wallet.
  • Feel free to contact us to get your cryptocurrency exchange up and running.
  • Admin can allow multiple language access to the users for effortless usage and communication between traders.
  • Exchange platforms encourage new cryptocurrency projects in order to expand their marketplaces.

Wherever it is technically possible, a login-password to a specific IP-address can be incorporated. In this way, for example, B2Trader Exchange can get access to the payment system only from a pre-specified IP-address. Give your clients the opportunity to check their trading activity and analyze the key metrics inside the B2Core cabinet. Homemade Antifraud system allows for tracking of vulnerabilities from your end-users’ actions. Play-to-earn games are decentralized games that allow players to earn rewards like cryptocurrencies and NFTs by completing tasks, combating other players, and progressing through different game levels. Users select an exchange pair, such as fiat to crypto, crypto to fiat or crypto to crypto.

How Does White Label Crypto Exchange Software Work?

A comprehensive dashboard for the platform’s admin panel to facilitate tracking all the trading and business activities being conducted on the crypto exchange platform. Backed by modular construction, AlphaPoint’s white-label offering white label exchange facilitates seamless integrations with leading banks and payment gateways. APEX is designed as an enterprise-ready solution that enables smooth and transparent business interactions for maximized ROIs and liquidity reserves.

white label bitcoin exchange platform

In recent years, cryptocurrency exchanges have seen a staggering growth in trading volume. Digital currencies currently play a vital role in the financial industries. The number of cryptocurrency users is increasing day by day on cryptocurrency exchange platforms. So many business people, startup owners, and entrepreneurs are willing to start their own cryptocurrency exchange. Here, we are plunging into the discussion of white label crypto exchange.

High volume Liquidity

We attracted six-figure investments at the stage of RnD for our products. Thus, our clients get access to the most expensive developments on the market at the price of mainstream products. Whether you are looking for a white label Bitcoin exchange or a multi-asset solution, we have the right functionality for you. At the same time, the functionality of the solution components and their operational load corresponds to the requirements of major market players like global exchanges, some of which are our customers, too. White label exchange software saves you the trouble of investing in your own staff for software fine-tuning and support — all such operations will be performed on the vendor’s side.

white label bitcoin exchange platform

And in many cases, they will assist in setting up the crypto exchange for your business. We integrate enterprise-grade security into your crypto exchange platform to provide users with a safe and seamless trading environment. We excel in building quirky and customized exchanges using Bitcoin exchange script. We integrate your cryptocurrency exchanges with multiple liquidity options to ensure a full order book and therefore seamless trade executions under all market conditions. Realizing that the comparison procedure is complex and demands professional expertise, we have compiled a list of some of the best white-label cryptocurrency exchange solutions. To enable operations related to cryptocurrency trading, cryptocurrency exchange must be designed with the fundamental basic components.

Custom Software Development

White label exchanges offer businesses the opportunity to access a secure cryptocurrency exchange, built with the safest encrypted databases and authentication processes. By choosing to white label, you’ll also benefit from the robust architecture and advanced trading features already in place that would require huge technical know-how to build from scratch. White-label helps startups to kick-start their business immediately with less effort and time. Mainly, it is a good way for non-technical people to develop their own crypto exchange platform, which is why the white-label crypto exchange development created a big demand in the market. Starting your own crypto exchange platform is typically a long and complex process that requires technical expertise and significant financial investment.

white label bitcoin exchange platform

Exchange software is a solution for trading assets such as cryptocurrencies, security tokens, and other digital assets. These systems typically have high liquidity in the market and offer a variety of tools to make the exchange process easy. Some of the features that these systems may provide include price tracking, portfolio management, and efficient trade execution. If you are looking to buy or sell digital assets, a cryptocurrency exchange platform with a strong reputation and advanced features can help you to maximize your returns. You can either build your cryptocurrency exchange from the ground up or use a turnkey solution such as a white label crypto exchange or cryptocurrency exchange script.

Liquidity solution

Blockchain ecosystems require crypto exchange platforms to coexist and adapt to evolving market demands. A White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange can be built in a wallet-friendly manner. Furthermore, the cost of development may vary depending on the type of exchange you want to build, i.e., whether you need centralized, decentralized, or hybrid exchange. White labels represent the perfect method to ensure that, given that the requirement isn’t absolutely unique and complex.

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