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If you’re shipping products, put an insert in the package kindly asking for feedback. If your survey isn’t receiving any responses or wildly inaccurate answers, then you might be left scratching your head trying to figure out why it isn’t working.

Let your customers know how much the review means to you and your brand. It’s true, people who have a less than ideal encounter with your brand are more likely to leave a review than people who were happy with their products or service. The trick is to create balance by bringing in new reviewers without creating any incentives that would skew the data. Mojo Vision is the Invisible Computing Company, dedicated to developing products and platforms that re-imagine the intersection of ideas, information and people. Instead of being tethered to devices that are increasingly a distraction in many aspects of our lives, Mojo envisions delivering information and knowledge that is immediate, but without the disruption of traditional devices.

Deliver A Better Work Life & Transform Your Company Get Your Employee Mojo Going!

The more thorough this doc is, the better of a chance we have to communicate to them. If you don’t know an answer, it’s ok, some of this we’ll discover over time with the help of analytics and tracking. CRH is wanting to find out how people are feeling and the activities that they are engaging in. The survey also asks what precautions they would like to see others take. If you’re only asking a few questions, you want to be zoned in on a few questions that’ll provide you the most insight in the least amount of time.

mojo survey

Track individual goals as well as company goals that are cascaded down to the team throughout the year, not just at the annual review. Points can be used as a way to earn extra time off, company swag, or convert points into gift cards.

Reason #4: The Survey Is Too Complicated

With Mojo Perform, you can get insights into the performance and results of every member of your team while keeping everyone aligned with the goals of the company. that allow your team members to rack up points when they collaborate, share, and help one another. If you want to take the recognition to the next level, award cool stuff to your employees when they achieve true mojo status. An ethane concentration contour map, constructed from soil gas analytical data in the vicinity of the present day MoJo Field, is included as Figure 3. There are 14 new producing oil wells and they are located both east and north of the original 3 producing oil wells of MoJo Field and are located within the ethane soil gas anomalies .

Don’t wait for the annual performance review or quarterly staff meeting to praise your employees who are standing out. Since the survey was conducted, the area has been developed into a significant complex of productive fields. Approximately 80 productive wells were within the survey area in 1987. At the end of 1993, there were 270 productive wells in the survey area. Of course, it should go without saying that even if your partner expresses a strong desire for a particular act or kink, if you’re not into it, you should be able to say no—and have that preference respected.

Mojo Upgrade Is An Interactive Sex Questionnaire For Couples To Help Them

That way, if only one of you is interested and the other says no, you don’t have to give up your secret fantasy to get a brown shower from your partner. Ever wondered what freaky (or non-freaky) stuff your partner is into, but are too afraid to ask?

It’s also why most sex questionnaires offer the option to take turns and only display shared interests. Talking about sex might be uncomfortable, but getting out of your comfort zone is the only way to get on the same page and experience real intimacy with your partner. Even if your bedroom antics rival anything you can find on TV, filling out a sex questionnaire with your partner can do a lot to spice up your sex life. It can give you an idea of where you’d like to explore and help you set boundaries. In turn, this will help the two of you improve your communication and get to know each other even better—which is one of the best parts of being in a long-term relationship.

This soil gas survey consists of data from 1832 four-foot soil gas sites over an area of more than 200 square miles. The geochemical survey provides continuous microseep coverage over a north-south distance of 30 miles extending from Arapahoe Field in the north to Moore-Johnson Field in the south. Quantitative data is numerical based so you might be asking customers to rate their experience, product or service from 1 to 5, or it might be a yes or no question. In contrast, qualitative data is obtained by asking open-ended questions from your customers like “why did you choose our company” or “what did you like most about our product” or “what did you like least about our product.

Employee Engagement (mojo)

A portion of the soil gas survey was conducted over the northwest half of Byerly Field for calibration purposes. The Permian Carbonate Gas Play in the Hugoton Embayment is the most prolific and important hydrocarbon play in this petroleum province. This area of SW Kansas is also referred to as the Hugoton gas area . The major gas fields of this area – Hugoton, Panoma, Greenwood, Bradshaw, and Byerly have produced a total cumulative of 27 TCFG. A large detailed regional soil gas survey is available for sale in the prolific Morrow Sand Stateline Trend of Colorado and Kansas.

  • Quantitative data is numerical based so you might be asking customers to rate their experience, product or service from 1 to 5, or it might be a yes or no question.
  • Unfortunately, these surveys are often seen as a nuisance and are regularly ignored by customers.
  • The geochemical survey provides continuous microseep coverage over a north-south distance of 30 miles extending from Arapahoe Field in the north to Moore-Johnson Field in the south.
  • You’ll have to take the questionnaire one after the other and the results will be presented after the second partner finishes.
  • An excellent survey will create a balance between qualitative and quantitative data as well as direct questions versus open ended questions.
  • Byerly and Bradshaw Gas Fields, together, have a total cumulative production of 381 BCFG from the Chase Carbonate reservoir.

A customer might be honest during the beginning of the survey, but lose interest and want to finish as soon as possible. Create an interactive survey where the next questions is based on previous answers. Rating questions are helpful for gaining more insight into whether or not a customer loves a new product or just likes it.

The The Cheech Mojo Mango Habanero Hot Sauce

Once the administrators have created cycles and templates, the tool provides an easy-to-use dashboard that allows the HR team to control the timeline, notifications and flow of the review process. Help ensure all employees understand what success is and the progress the individual, team and organization are making toward their goals. Enable employees to post, ask for help and share knowledge across the team. With this interactive platform, you can create an engaged culture where employees are collaborating, sharing feedback and achieving their goals. At the same time, the new presidential administration has implemented additional changes, making tax planning even more challenging. Further, even though most survey respondents currently work with a CPA or accountant, tax-aware advice remains a key concern. According to the survey, tax-optimized investing , estate tax planning and tax burden reduction rated the top three specialties these investors seek when choosing a financial advisor.

When considering your perfect persona, think about your perfect customer! “Everyone is my perfect customer,” is not the right answer in our scenario! We’re trying to understand every minute of their day to better understand how to speak to them, when, on what platform, how often etc.

Surveying Adhearsion Usage

There is a pronounced northeast-southwest orientation of porosity and permeability development in the Chase Carbonate at Byerly Field. As evidenced by the cumulative gas production , there are three porosity/permeability fairways at Byerly Field. An ethane concentration contour map, constructed from soil gas magnitude analytical data in northwest half of Byerly Field, is shown in Figure 4.

We love feedback, it drives improvements and makes the world better place. It feels great to read detailed customer feedback that gives a clear picture of your customers’ problems and reality. We present a list of sexual fantasies to both partners separately and have them indicate their level of interest. If you both gave a positive response to an activity, then we’ll share it; if not, we don’t. That way if your partner is not game to watch midget porn with you, they won’t know.

Mojo Upgrade’s Dual Questionnaire Spices Up Your Sex Life

If you’re one of the many Americans who finds talking about sex to be weird, uncomfortable or embarrassing, you’re not alone. In fact, many of the most popular sex questionnaire websites are designed to help you overcome that embarrassment and discomfort. Over the next couple of years we added real-time text analytics, advanced AI and were recognised with multiple awards.

A good survey will ask questions clearly, and will only be a couple sentences long. You don’t want to leave your customers feeling like they are answering a word problem for a math class. Let’s be real, everyone is busy, and they definitely did not schedule your survey into their day. If you really want customers to give you feedback, keep the question focused, quick and straightforward.

Reason #7: Customers Confuse The Survey With Spam

The survey included what was then the Stockholm field and a few very small fields. Additional exploration and development drilling in the area has established a significant productive trend, now known as the State Line Trend. The Stockholm Field contains 82 wells, and produces from the Morrow Formation sandstones, with an average productive interval of 18 feet and a maximum of 60 feet. The State Line Trend now contains 8 fields, is over 35 miles long, with an estimated primary recovery of 35 million barrels, and additional secondary potential. Customer delight plays a critical role in growing your company and creating a profitable platform. Online surveys are a powerful tool to monitor your customer’s preferences about your products and services, as well as gauge the percentage of people who agree or disagree with business changes and branding decisions.

Online surveys are often made up of a long list of sometimes confusing questions. If customers are sent an email with a survey link without notice, they are more likely not to participate. Similarly, pop-up surveys within websites have the potential to make customers decide to switch to a different company and change websites immediately. Create questions in logical order, and limit the amount of time the customer needs to do the survey. Too many of the same type of questions will cause the customer to become fatigued with the content quickly, so mix it up. You can even use open-ended questions to gain even more insight to your customers’ mindsets while giving them a chance to engage with the survey in a new way.

Mojo is inventing the future of computing – Invisible Computing – which imagines a world where information is there when you need it, technology fades away, and you can freely connect with others in a more meaningful and confident way. Founded by technology experts with decades of experience developing pioneering products and platforms and backed by some of the world’s leading technology investors, Mojo believes the future is invisible. More importantly, these Later Adopters – consumers that usually wait to purchase new devices, apps or technology-driven services – are moving toward even earlier adoption. Forty-one percent of this group of respondents stated that, even after the pandemic subsides, they are likely to continue purchasing and using new technology at this new pace. , which provide in-depth insights into the organization’s structure and flow, as well as help employees understand their reporting structure and the structure of those around them. and excited about interacting with one another and moving up on the mojo leaderboard. Deliver a better work life with a solution designed to improve the culture and engagement at your organization – all with the foundation of the mission-critical tools of payroll, time and attendance, and benefits.

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