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Fluid Analysis IHS Markit Fluid Analyses Data are collections of physical and chemical properties for oil, water and gas. IHS Markit has the most complete set of fluid analyses, which can be used with IHS Markit Pressure Test and Production Data to predict the economics of developing assets. IHS Markit Initial Production Test Data provide flow capacity and pressures for a formation.

With a legacy of over 100 years as Jane’s, IHS Markit delivers renowned open-source intelligence and powerful analytical tools encompassing data on military equipment, technology, parts, standards and logistics. Our objective analysis, training and consulting covers defense markets, programs, budgets, risks and capabilities. To lower costs enterprise-wide, a global energy company asked IHS to review 35 internal standards and list 143 comparable international standards. Research uncovered conformity opportunities including 25% savings on casing and tubing for $5 million annually and $180 million annually for conformance with ALL industry standards. Drill Stem Tests Data and Images IHS Markit DST Data is used to determine potential productivity, pressure, permeability, and extent of an oil or gas reservoir or formation in an open well bore. The data provides information about the reservoir or a prospect formation at an early stage, so you can make important decisions regarding the future development of the reservoir.

Both organizations are wholly supported by these auto insurers and insurance associations. Our evaluations help consumers choose vehicles that offer a high level of crash protection and essential safety features. The partnership between the New Brunswick Heart Centre at Horizon Health and the Medtronic IHS team increased access to care in part through reducing median wait times by as much as 44% at the cardiac unit. Medtronic Canada does not review or control the content on the other website, and is not responsible for any business dealings or transactions you have there.

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This was highlighted by the near-stagnation of production volumes and a renewed downturn in order books during the latest survey period. Looking ahead, manufacturers in Canada are optimistic overall about their prospects for growth during the next 12 months. This was linked to new product launches and, in some cases, hopes of an improvement in global trade conditions. To remain competitive in this high-demand, rapidly changing industry, we invest in the smartest technology, platforms and people. We stay ahead of the curve by consolidating platforms, keeping an eye on what is trending, and making room for the next generation of products. From our Technology Focus Group to major financial investments, we are reinvigorating innovation.

Businesses rely on IHS Markit to help them respond to the strategies and business models of the leading mobile and telecom players. We can help you understand how value chains are evolving and the role of the many different players—including device OEMs, intellectual property holders, network operators and media companies. Our interns take part in completing real projects and bring an added energy to our organization. Spend the summer with us and you will leave with a variety of new skills and knowledge. Our IT team is a single-source expert in providing customers with powerful insights and analytics to navigate some of the most highly-competitive sectors. ESG also includes indicators like water use, worker safety, community investment, representation of women, Indigenous people and visible minorities, and board diversity.

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i got to good amount of exposure to related field, but the management and my manager were terrible. A career in Indian health offers clinicians an extraordinary opportunity to provide the highest level of comprehensive, patient-centered care. Serving these important, diverse and culturally rich patient populations enable our clinicians to distinguish themselves in fulfilling ways both personally and professionally.

ihs canada

According to Eight Capital, ongoing maintenance for high-growth shale oil in the US requires spending of US$9 to US$11 per barrel, compared to US$4 to US$6 per barrel for oil sands mining and US$3 to US$6 per barrel for the oil sands drilling method SAGD. Here are five of the main arguments claimed against the industry, and why they don’t stand up to scrutiny. You may need to log out and then log back on to access IHS Markit U.S. Data Online. I acknowledge that my use of IHS Markit Products is governed by an agreement between my company and IHS Markit. Furthermore, I am an Authorized User under the aforementioned agreement and in addition to the agreement I accept personal responsibility for my compliance with the IHS Markit Terms of Use. All data has passed an IHS Markit validation process including cross-checks with IHS Markit Energy’s U.S. Well data and the MMS borehole file. Integration with more than 15 engineering, economics and interpretation software suites.

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Lognet is an IHS Markit Energy distribution mechanism for domestic US and International well log data, providing immediate access to requested well log data. Detailed drilling and completion data and market information for all active US wells.

ihs canada

This dataset is used to determine the capability of the well under various degrees of pressure drawdown and the results may aid in selecting the production method. Production History & Initial Test IHS Markit Production History Data provides the most correct information available as it is loaded into our databases and matched to amended wells within days of receipt from the source regulatory authorities. The data contains detailed production history information fully integrated with IHS Markit General Well Data. Selecting will reload the Candlewood Suites website in this browser window.Selecting will reload the Candlewood Suites website in this browser window.

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We provide comprehensive tracking of markets, metrics and strategies via our detailed analysis, data and insights on content developers, hardware providers and channel operators across the whole of the global media landscape. IHS Markit helps maximize product pricing and reimbursement strategies, global footprint expansion, pipeline development, and sustainable operations for government, corporate and association clients in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. We monitor policy shifts, patent expirations, corporate M&A, regulatory changes and therapeutic market developments. Whether you need to identify the safest drilling location, value an oil asset, or weigh a solar array investment, IHS Energy has you covered. Our 600+ energy experts and 800+ geoscientists and engineers apply advanced analytics to proprietary data to offer insights into the entire energy value chain – from oil, gas, and coal in the ground to renewables to local gas stations and global power grids.

Canadian Class 8 truck registrations plummeted nearly 20% in 2020, to 26,000 units according to data from IHS Markit. However, they’re expected to rebound nearly 15% to 30,000 units this year, before climbing to 34,000 in 2022 and 36,000 in 2023. The intellectual property rights to the data provided herein are owned by or licensed to IHS Markit. Any unauthorised use, including but not limited to copying, distributing, transmitting or otherwise of any data appearing is not permitted without IHS Markit’s prior consent. IHS Markit shall not have any liability, duty or obligation for or relating to the content or information (“data”) contained herein, any errors, inaccuracies, omissions or delays in the data, or for any actions taken in reliance thereon. In no event shall IHS Markit be liable for any special, incidental, or consequential damages, arising out of the use of the data.

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The IEA now forecasts that based on the world’s current trajectory, oil supply will increase by approximately 9 per cent between 2018 and 2040, to 4.9 billion tonnes of oil equivalent. Although the IEA forecasts that with more aggressive climate action by 2040 oil supply will be decreased by 32 per cent, that still leaves 3 billion tonnes of supply for producers to meet. Pushing free-market companies like oil sands producers out of the business just leaves state-owned oil jurisdictions like Russia and the OPEC countries to fill the void. It is already clear that the decline in oil demand this spring caused by pandemic lockdowns was temporary. According to analysts with IHS Markit, global oil demand has already seen a “meteoric” bounce-back to 89 per cent of pre-COVID levels and is expected to return to up to 95 per cent through the first quarter of 2021. The most comprehensive exploration and production information anywhere that enable rapid screening and analysis.

Some manufacturers suggested that a lack of new work to replace completed projects had constrained staff recruitment at their plants. A marked decline in backlogs of work during October also pointed to a lack of pressure on business capacity. October data signalled a modest improvement in business conditions across the Canadian manufacturing sector, driven a sustained rebound in output and new business levels. All other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners © 2019 IHS Markit Ltd. Not a huge amount of room for advancement unless you’re willing to put in a lot of extra work and time. Management was always there to help for the most part and the company really cares about your well-being which is great.

We are over 14,000 professional thought leaders, subject matter experts, analysts and consultants from 34 countries who see the world through an entrepreneurial lens. We rely on a combination of ingenuity and initiative to search for deeper sources of information. The solutions and products we provide give our customers a richer view of their world and the insights they need to make smarter decisions. To be Ontario’s trusted health and safety resource for effective sector-specific engagement, education, products and services. We provide current and historical data for well header, completion, casing, log interval and formation tops in Canada, Montana, North Dakota and Wyoming.

This issue illustrates how the industry is innovating in response to the energy transition and the potential of new technologies, with new business opportunities evident in multiple segments. Join us as we look at some of the big strategic questions automotive firms can answer using data analytics and show how data and technology can be leveraged to answer them. Careers Join a global business leader that is dedicated to helping businesses make the right decisions. Be a part of a family of professionals who thrive in an exciting work environment. Online Events During COVID-19, IHS Markit is offering more online events for the safety of our guests. Broaden your knowledge by attending IHS Markit events that feature our subject-matter experts.

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Weekly compilation of news and analysis of global E&P activity and energy-related issues. Exploration, production, and midstream information and analysis spanning over 250 countries. As part of Ontario’s health and safety system, we are recognized by the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development, the Ministry of Colleges and Universities, and the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board as designated trainers and consultants. So, you can be sure that the training you get from IHSA meets regulatory requirements and compliance standards.

Attend world-class trainings or subscribe to eLearning solutions to optimize performance and ensure the safety of your organization, its employees and customers. Free online, read-only Medical and Personal Protective Equipment standards from our Partners, and where to purchase your own copies.

Diesel now fuels 78% of Classes 4-8 trucks, down from its long-term average of 83%. Another trend IHS Markit noticed was a decrease in the share of diesel-fueled Classes 4-8 trucks, especially in the lighter segments. Classes 4-8 registrations in the U.S. collapsed by 20% last year, with Class 8 falling 26%.

Our experts standardize government and industry information to offer customers directional surveys, core analysis and reservoir evaluation data. One of the world’s largest oilfield services providers reduced uncertainty about parts obsolescence and replacement availability by providing its employees with real-time access to data for 25,000+ parts and eliminating delays to part change notices. The company also ensured compliance with latest REACH, RoHS and Export regulations. Identify prospects with comprehensive, reliable Canada oil and gas production data. From product planning to marketing, sales, service and the aftermarket, IHS Markit automotive solutions provide actionable insight to make better decisions that drive better results. Find the solutions you need by accessing our extensive portfolio of information, analytics and expertise. The IHS Markit team of subject matter experts, analysts and consultants offers the actionable intelligence you need to make informed decisions.

  • Weekly compilation of news and analysis of global E&P activity and energy-related issues.
  • Use our explore tool to browse and discover nearly 6,000 hotels and resorts around the world or search by key destination below.
  • Meanwhile, he said surging Class 8 truck orders over the past few months are not unique to the heavy truck industry – business spending is picking up in other sectors as well.
  • He takes over this role from David Johnston, Director of Environment, Health and Safety at Toronto Hydro.

Some firms also commented on the need to initiate discounting strategies to stimulate customer demand. Sub-sector data indicated that robust growth in the consumer goods category offset a sustained downturn among investment goods producers. Meanwhile, the intermediate goods category continued to register a steady but relatively subdued growth trajectory. Class 7 demand was hit the hardest, “registering one of the lowest volumes that we’ve seen in the last 10 years,” said Divis. In Class 8, the tractor market suffered the worst decline while straight truck demand fared better. Small fleet purchases rose in the Class 8 segment from about 50% of registrations in 2019 to 58% in 20202. Meanwhile, he said surging Class 8 truck orders over the past few months are not unique to the heavy truck industry – business spending is picking up in other sectors as well.

Leverage advanced Artificial Intelligence technologies to quickly discover answers in standards and codes, books, journals, periodicals, patents and more. Timely and accurate global trade statistics for 98% of the world’s import and export merchandise trade. Combining our regulatory reporting experience and technology to deliver a future-proofed reporting solution that meets the fast-evolving needs of our clients. Executive Management The experts and leaders who set the course for IHS Markit and its thousands of colleagues around the world.


The standout was the Class 5 segment – the only segment to have added share as a percentage of the overall commercial vehicle market while also adding volume. “However, as we get into 2021 with those expected economic growth rates, some capacity expansion is going to be necessary to handle that level of economic activity,” Divis said. Last year, small fleets were responsible for a growing percentage of truck orders but recent order activity suggests large fleets are now placing orders, most of which represent replacement demand. The forecaster presented a more positive bounce-back for the U.S. market, and for its overall economy.

Export sales also dropped at the end of the year, with manufacturers often citing difficulties winning new work in US markets. On a more positive note, there were a number of reports that demand from China had improved.

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Facilities there are configured to process heavy oil but have faced shortages as their conventional suppliers in Venezuela and Mexico suffer from U.S. sanctions and production declines. Growth is likely to continue, according to August outlook data from the International Energy Agency.

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