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Riyadh painted the decision as some kind of leadership position, saying it was a sovereign political move to support the Saudi economy, members of the OPEC+ group, as well as the wider industry. However, OPEC’s de facto leader may still want to return those 1M barrels to market, while others, like non-OPEC leader Russia, were also thought to have wanted a 500K bpd collective increase for April. Remember, the breakeven price for Russia’s budget is much lower than that of Saudi Arabia and questions remain over exactly how much output will be affected and which countries will be involved. Oil prices are on the rise for a second straight session following reports that OPEC and its non-OPEC partners, an energy alliance referred to as OPEC+, might decide against increasing output at a key meeting today. Until now, the consensus view among the group appeared to be that the market can absorb extra barrels, given the increased demand from economic reopenings and recent resilience of crude prices. Oil has even tracked back to the $60/level in large part due to the alliance’s cutbacks, as well as a broader vaccine rollout and increased popularity of commodities as a hedge against inflation. Yesterday, the retail giant committed to investing $350B in U.S. manufacturing.

“Every $1T of fiscal stimulus adds around $4-$5 to EPS, implying 6-7% upside for the remainder of the year.” Over the weekend, the Senate passed a $1.9T coronavirus relief bill that contains $1,400 stimulus checks for many Americans, $300/week more in jobless benefits, as well as aid for state and local governments. The measure is expected to pass in the Democratic-held House on Tuesday. It would then be sent to President Biden’s desk before a March 14 deadline to renew unemployment aid programs. Interestingly, both Ford (F +3.8%) and General Motors (GM +3.3%) are strong on the day as investors weigh electric upside for the Detroit legacy players. In many cases, the companies are giving priority to those over 65 years old or who work in operations/manufacturing, while some of the events are “closed,” meaning only their staff are eligible and not the public. The Nasdaq is leading the charge on Wall Street this morning, with futures tied to the index ahead by 2.2%, followed by a 1.1% advance for the S&P 500 and 0.7% gain for the Dow.

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Where possible, marketers should take a leaf out of the betting industry’s book, taking advantage of new virtual events and online markets, as coronavirus lays waste to business as usual. We scour the internet looking for bloggers, news articles, and more to find some of the best marketing content for your review.

marketing news this week

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced an end to Texas’ mask mandate, making it the largest state to do so, and will allow all businesses to reopen at full capacity. After losing its position as Europe’s leading financial capital, the British government is looking toward looser stock listing rules to attract tech firms and SPACs. A surge in blank check companies have short-circuited the traditional IPO process, prompting a need for change to support the U.K.’s financial services sector. New listing rules would also aim to diversify London’s recently struggling stock market, which is skewed toward older areas like banking, energy and mining. valuation does not contemplate significant contribution from the production of the semi (~1-2% to the sales figure over the time frame). Those new deals may arrive as early as next week, according to the report.

House Panel Weighs Moves To Rein In Big Tech, Aid Media

Square’s Cash App is also a major venue for retail investors to purchase crypto, while the company last week started operations of first industrial bank. Shares of major crypto exchange Coinbase changed hands at a roughly $90B value last week, according to a fresh report from Bloomberg. It’s an astounding valuation given that the company was appraised at $8B in October 2018. The valuation is based on $350 a share, the price the stock was trading on the Nasdaq Private Market on Thursday. The auction was the last before Coinbase goes public in late March, though private trading is usually more restrictive and volumes are smaller, so it’s not a perfect picture of a company’s value. Congress is set to give the final green light to President Biden’s $1.9T economic stimulus plan today, clearing the way for one of the largest relief packages in U.S. history. It’s being hailed as a centerpiece of Biden’s first 100 days, and includes $1,400 payments for most Americans, expanded unemployment insurance, funding for schools and public health, and state and local government aid.

  • The former tennis world no.1’s candy company, Sugarpova, has unveiled the range of chocolate.
  • The company derives 26% of its revenue from ULTA and moves in tandem with it on earnings day over 70% of the time.
  • In the current market, keeping your customers around is more important than ever.
  • The news comes just a day after the CDC issued strong cautions against rolling back public health measures too soon.
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  • Twitter is testing a new way to display images, which will remove the cropped preview in tweet timelines.
  • Audio social platform Clubhouse is launching a new Creator Accelerator Program to support broadcasters in the app.

The media company plans to put some of the biggest movies from its Paramount film studio on its streaming service within two months of their theatrical release. The deal values Podcorn at $22.5 million and is designed to help the second-largest U.S. radio broadcaster expand its advertising business. Newspapers, TV stations and other news outlets that have seen their revenue siphoned away by online platforms could get an assist from Congress. Survey finds 84% of customers look to email marketers for their holiday discounts. NamePurpose Daily NewsletterReceive daily list of important newsPromo MailersReceive information about events, industry, etc. Reach an audience of more than 2.3 million active marketing professionals.

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As the U.S. rounds a key milestone, industry leaders dish on switching up strategy during the crisis and getting sick of words like “unprecedented.” While the demise of paper coupons has been predicted amid a broader shift to digital, the future may not be so straightforward. This site content may not be copied, reproduced, or redistributed without the prior written permission of the American Marketing Association or its affiliates. Americans have settled into a pandemic-induced homebody existence, and advertisers can recalibrate their content to reach consumers in every room of the house.

Infrastructure will be more important to growth because there is a political, economic and social need to build back middle-income earners, he says. But it’s perplexing why a plan to boost capital investment would raise capital gains taxes. The company says it expects revenue to grow an in-line 2% this year, rising to 3% growth over each of the next two years, and to 4% or more growth by 2024. In his first prime-time address from the White House, President Biden told states he wants all adults in the U.S. made eligible for vaccines by May 1. However, Biden did outline the country would hit the threshold next week, just 60 days into his presidency, with vaccinations sharply accelerating to a pace of more than 2.2M shots per day.

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Search engine optimization techniques that worked even five years ago won’t cut it today. Many brands have already set their SEO budgets for 2021, and it might be possible that 99% of them did not include building an in-studio ice rink for dancing skaters to help rank number one. E-commerce was key to the company’s growth in the third and fourth quarters, he says. The news comes just a day after the CDC issued strong cautions against rolling back public health measures too soon.

Sponsors will need to devise a new strategy as the International Olympic Committee finally postpones Tokyo 2020 amid the worsening Covid-19 pandemic. Pushing back the Games to 2021 is a challenge for sponsors, but it also means they have another year to prepare for one of the world’s greatest sporting events. With traditional live sporting events on hold during the coronavirus crisis, action-starved fans are turning to esports for their competitive fix. From the postponement of Euro 2020 to the prospect of staging the first behind closed doors FA Cup final, former Pepsi marketer Kathryn Swarbrick has been on a steep learning curve since joining the FA in October.

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After a whole year of lockdown, we’re looking back on all things — personal and professional — that the Covid-19 pandemic has touched, and its impact on the marketing industry. Instead of hitting WorkLab readers with a hard sell for Microsoft products, the brand is leaning into the company’s long knowledge of how work gets done. Brands are increasingly stressing education and safety in their marketing as a result of the greater consumer push toward cleanliness. China’s government orders the British Broadcasting Corp. off the airwaves days after Beijing’s primary international news channel lost its license in the U.K. The company reached a deal with the Australian government to restore news pages to its platform. The agreement includes changes to legislation requiring more negotiations before arbitration kicks in. Fandom, an entertainment company focusing on content about gaming, comic books, movies and TV shows, has acquired Focus Multimedia.

And its end-of-2021 debt ratio target is 3.0x, reflecting an increase of about $6B in net debt for the spectrum. By 2024, it wants to bring that net debt-to-adjusted EBITDA ratio to 2.5x or lower. To help achieve that, all cash flows after dividends will be used for debt paydown, and the company doesn’t plan to repurchase shares during that period. The company acquired 80 MHz of C-band spectrum in the FCC’s record-breaking 5G spectrum auction, and expects to begin deploying the first 40 MHz by the end of the year. Investment via the auction totaled $27.4B, including expected payments of $23B this year. It expects to spend $6B-$8B in capex deploying the spectrum, with most of that spending coming . In mobile, McElfresh says the company is happy with its spectrum position, including the 80 MHz it got in the C-band auction.

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Welcome to Seeking Alpha’s Catalyst Watch – a breakdown of some of next week’s actionable events that stand out. Check out Saturday morning’s regular Stocks to Watch article for a full list of events planned for the week or the Seeking Alpha earnings calendar for companies due to report. Seeking Alpha’s Catalyst Watch for stocks Welcome to Seeking Alpha’s Catalyst Watch – a breakdown of some of next week’s actionable events that stand out.

Alaska, Florida, Montana, Nevada, and Puerto Rico have joined in the multistate suit, which charges the search giant with anticompetitive behavior to boost an already dominant online ad business. Australian politicians want digital platforms to pay media companies more for their content. The upper house of Australia’s Parliament passed legislation effectively requiring Facebook and Google to pay news outlets for content, moving the media code a big step closer to becoming law. Adobe Analytics confirmed last week that consumers spent $9.4 billion on Cyber Monday, up 19.7% year-over-year .

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While Daylight Saving Time dates back to a World War I effort to conserve fuel, the Chamber of Commerce is often credited for keeping the relic around. The organization claims that extra hour of daylight translates into more shopping trips for consumers, though that may be different in the corona age as much of U.S. retail buying takes place online. Since 2007, the S&P 500 has dropped an average of 0.24% after a weekend of “spring forward,” far higher than the average 0.03% drop over non-time change weekends. The figure captures movement from the close of markets on Friday to the close on Monday, so any effect of the clock shift is included. In a report based on preliminary estimates, Dell’Oro says that annual revenue growth of 7% led to the best year for the market since 2011. China is speeding up currency trials as it moves to a digital renminbi, which is an attractive tool for a government that is highly concerned with social control. , is used by businesses to accept online payments and has been a beneficiary of the e-commerce boom accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic.

Traders may also see opportunity for depressed tech shares as stimulus checks from the $1.9T coronavirus aid package begin finding their way into the stock market. “Everything is feeding off the fact there is this huge recovery taking place,” said Fahad Kamal, chief investment officer at Kleinwort Hambros .

Heineken is launching hard seltzer brand Pure Piraña in Europe as it diversifies beyond beer to capitalise on the growing trend of health-focused beverages. Pret is expanding into packaged goods as part of its transformation plan and move away from its store-first strategy.

Analyst Pierre Ferragu notes that traditional OEMs will have to challenge Tesla for market share unprofitably, while pure EV players don’t have a competitive advantage yet. Again, hardware sales leapt based on the new-generation platforms, up 121% in February to $406M. Accessories sales rose 41%, to $195M, and content sales rose a healthy 30% to $3.998B. That may be borne out by Nielsen’s weekly streaming ratings chart, where TV series dominate streaming minutes (and Netflix’s original series dominate eyeballs).

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Vanguard feels that this joint venture is a better fit where they can provide more value by delivering financial advice versus competing in the overly crowded fund market. For years Vanguard had targeted the idea to bring low-cost index funds to the world’s second-largest economy.

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