The 20 Coolest Cloud Security Companies Of The 2022

By gaining a more detailed and holistic view of the threat landscape, companies can more quickly understand threats and take steps to shut them down. As well as being simple and accessible to use for all levels of user, cloud storage services often utilize drag-and-drop interfaces and cross-platform synchronization. This means that any file uploaded from one type of device can be accessed simply from another, for maximum utility and ease-of-use. Unlike other cloud storage services, Sync as the name suggests syncs a single folder and the data it contains between your computers and the cloud. This limitation may be a deal breaker for some while others will appreciate the service’s simplicity. There’s also a Vault feature for files you want to store in the cloud that aren’t synced with your other devices.

  • Admittedly all that sounds a little complicated, and it will likely take time for Trellix and Skyhigh to firmly establish their identities in the minds of security buyers.
  • Rapid7 provides IT and IoT security solutions that include vulnerability management tools, application security testing and incident detection and response.
  • Carbon Black’s cloud security platform helps businesses take steps to prepare for cyber attacks and reduce security risks.
  • The company’s technology can also be used to prevent data breaches, credential theft and other types of malicious attacks.
  • Intruder’s cloud scanning solution helps companies monitor weaknesses in the cloud.
  • CrowdStrike’s software uses machine learning (a type of artificial intelligence) to detect security breaches and hunt down threats.

The EDR, which Check Point offers, is amongst the highest bargains in the industry. However, the more interconnected it is, the more value and peace of mind can be gained. Effective cloud security enables an organization to take advantage of the granularity, scalability, and flexibility of the cloud while having a strategic plan and approach to their cloud and being as secure as possible. Now that we’ve explored the main advantages and disadvantages of each cloud security vendor, see how their service offerings stack up against one another. Microsoft also offers little or no SASE functionality but has CSPM and network security offerings. Palo Alto Network Prisma Cloud and Prisma Cloud Compute include Compliance & Governance (CSPM), Workload (CWPP).

Intrusion Detection

That assessment may sound a little flip, but employee errors like clicking on malicious links and downloads continue to be the cause of most cyber attacks, and many devastating ones at that. That makes preventing employee error through measures like training and email gateways a critically important practice for reducing cyber attacks. User reviews have been very positive, and equally positive employee reviews suggest that KnowBe4 may be one of the best places to work in the industry.

Founded in 1993, The Motley Fool is a financial services company dedicated to making the world smarter, happier, and richer. The Motley Fool reaches millions of people every month through our premium investing solutions, free guidance and market analysis on, top-rated podcasts, and non-profit The Motley Fool Foundation. CRN breaks down 20 of the top cloud cybersecurity vendors will make waves in 2023—from startups like Ermetic and Laminar to Palo Alto Networks and Check Point Software Technologies. Tenable has a long history in the vulnerability management space, which now extends into the cloud to help organizations of all sizes protect their workloads. Lacework does not advertise its pricing on its website, as each customer’s needs can vary significantly. The widespread adoption of cloud and hybrid IT environments has created a need for new cybersecurity paradigms that address the expanded attack surface and new attack vectors that cloud computing brings.

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Nasuni provides cloud-native services for file data storage and management and offers features that protect files against ransomware attacks and disasters. Its ransomware protection add-on service is designed to detect live ransomware attacks while minimizing false positives, as well as provide email alerts and notifications to keep users informed of malicious file activity. Cloud security companies provide tools for detecting breaches, monitoring applications, encrypting data and taking additional measures to prevent cyber attacks. Although these services come with a price tag, the costs are nothing compared to the $9.44 million lost on average during a U.S. data breach. As a result, cloud security is becoming a leading priority for a greater number of partners, customers and vendors in 2023. In terms of vendors, within the cybersecurity industry, a number of fast-growing startups have been focused on offering cloud security tools from the get-go.

best cloud security companies

In essence, it enables you take away any file or folder on your desktop and access it on a variety of other devices. It also offers the ability to share files and folders with users who don’t have OneDrive. In fact, you can get 5GB of free cloud storage with the service but by inviting friends, creating new folders and completing other tasks, you can bump this up all the way to 27GB.

Choosing the Right Cloud Security Vendor

As a business unit including cloud security was acquired by Broadcom, and it will be undergoing numerous shifts. The Symantec Cloud Workload Protection suite can discover and analyze threats for workloads, mainly in a public cloud. As companies increasingly look to cloud computing as a means to expand, modernise and stay competitive, they are also exposing themselves to new risks. Cloud transformation and remote working have changed how security needs to work, with new measures needing to be taken. Multiple public cloud vendors exist, each with its own platform and way of doing things.

best cloud security companies

Sync may not have the same level of polish as Google Drive or Dropbox but it does the basics really well with plenty of online storage space for the price. While not as barebones as some of the other options listed, we found Google Drive’s UI to be clean and intuitive. It comes with companion apps including Google Photos, Docs, Sheets, and Slides—together known as Google Workspace—meaning you can create, edit, store, view, and synchronize files via this unified, web-based interface. If these platforms are already a part of your workflow, Google Drive offers a feature-rich, affordable native backup-and-sync solution. Get IDrive’s RemotePC for $2.98 for the first year
IDrive’s RemotePC product, offering remote desktop access, is exclusively available for $2.98 a year for the first year! This plan offers remote access to up to 10 machines, and also includes (for free) its RemotePC Meeting video-conference solution for enterprises.

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He speaks with world-renown CEOs and IT experts as well as covering breaking news and live events while also managing several CRN reporters. Strengthen your organization’s IT security defenses by keeping abreast of the latest cybersecurity news, solutions, and best practices. Strengthen your organization’s IT security defenses by keeping up to date on the latest cybersecurity news, solutions, and best best cloud security companies practices. However, Trend Micro offers a 30-day free trial of its solutions, so customers can try the solutions before they purchase. Data Loss Protection solution feature offers granular control to monitor and block data transfer to USBs for companies that are highly cautious about data leakage. With default out-of-box rules, you can detect threats in minutes for widespread attacker techniques.

Venture capital funding will get our attention only if it’s backed by substantial revenues and growth. Darktrace‘s sales growth has slowed to around 25% recently, but the UK-based company’s pioneering work in AI-based security continues to earn it a spot on this list. The rapid rise of remote work creates new security concerns and the need for new security controls to mitigate them.

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Data analytics is a fast-growing segment of IT management, and Splunk is a central part of many organizations’ security and monitoring efforts. The company expects its annualized recurring revenue to grow at a double-digit rate over the next couple of years. To test for the best cloud antivirus we first set up an account with the relevant software platform, then we tested the service to see how the software could be used in different situations, and from different types of device. The aim was to push each cloud antivirus platform to see how useful its basic tools were and also how easy it was to get to grips with any more advanced tools. Both the cloud and on-premises solutions are available to buy direct from the ESET website, with plans for cloud protection of 5 devices, with the ability to add more online.

best cloud security companies

It’s also been steadily expanding its platform’s capabilities with new modules that include cloud-based security and data monitoring. One of its developments is a recently announced software-based internet security product being built and deployed with one of Europe’s leading telecom providers, Telefónica (TEF 0.25%). The company also recently announced a partnership with Singapore’s Quantum Engineering Programme to develop next-gen security for quantum computing. The solution offers a free trial that gives users instant access to its endpoint protection. This cloud security vendor provides a vulnerability scanner that allows the easy testing of security for web applications and APIs. Other services by Symantec include endpoint and identity security as well as information and network security.

Cogility Software

In evaluating the cloud security market, we examined the breadth and quality of each vendor’s products and services, customer reviews, analyst reports, market traction and growth, independent test reports, pricing, and more. The Halo platform adds visibility to your security operation center (SOC) so security teams can quickly protect, detect, respond to, and neutralize threats. Additionally, the platform offers continuous compliance monitoring to ensure that cloud infrastructure and workloads comply with data privacy and other regulations. That’s just one among the broad array of new cloud security tools that’ve been unveiled by key industry vendors in 2023 for protecting the use of public cloud environments such as AWS, Azure and GCP. Symantec comprises multiple cloud security functions such as CASB and workload protection.

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